It took a great willingness and dialogue with customers along the years to develop Rentway®, a system brought to compete in the new millennium. This is the profession software for global management in a renting company. Scalable, safe and dynamic, this software is the global solution of choice for renting companies of any size.

Fleet and Rent a Car Management System. With an exemplar structure, this application was developed based on the newest programming tools for Windows®. All was based on the potential future and user-friendly interface.


Technology consulting provides a total end to end solution
- Unlimited vehicles.
- Unlimited users.
- Powerful Rate and Pricing Engine.
- Rates Import from Excel.
- Dynamic Prices.
- Micro Management.
- Allotments: Stop Sell, On Request…
- Web Services.
- Dashboard updated every minute.
- Report Services.
- User Access Limitation.
- Fuel Management.
- Unlimited Extras.
- Unlimited Rates.
- Non-Revenue Movements Tracking.
- Fleet Purchase Plan.
- Long Term and Renting Module.
- Upgrade and Upselling Management.
- Split Billing.
- Statements.
- Cashier Management.
- One-Way Rates.
- Watching List for Customer and Drivers.
- Chauffeur Management.
- Accounting Interfaces.
- Audit Module.
- Vehicle Maintenance Control.
- Repair Orders.
- Fleet Depreciation.
- No-Show / Cancelation Invoicing.
- Goals Management.
- Credit Card Processing.
- Export Data to Excel, Pdf, Outlook, …
- Flexible Tax & Surcharges Calculations.
- Damage and Accident Report.
- Complaints Workflow.
- …


Reservations Screen
You can confirm your client through e-mail with an automatic link to Microsoft® Outlook™. Documents scanning adding to the reservation In case of special vehicles, we can reserve a specific car plate.

Rental agreement Screen
Reviewing existing rentals, travel assistance, “express” fuel, fuel costs calculation. The courtesy vehicles are included in the same contract. Rentway® automatically opens the driver’s file in case it doesn’t exist yet, and doesn’t allow more than one file with the same driver’s license or ID. If the driver has already rented, the system automatically opens the data from the license, ID, passport or other possible selecting information available.

Inserting Screen
Inserting a vehicle in the contract, selecting check out and check in damages. The damage value is available for charge in the end of the contract.

Report Screen
Accident Report and management. Allows inserting all suppliers’ invoices and connecting the AR (Accident Report) to obtain the total amounts for repairing, charges to the customer and final values.

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